Writers' Seminar

Conclave 3 Writing Workshop with Gareth Ward & Steve Wheeler

Friday 30 March 10am-3pm
The Surrey Hotel, 465 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Bring laptop or pen and paper, any writing you want critiqued, and lunch

Registered Conclave 3 members - free
Non-Conclave 3 members - $30 18+, $20 under 18s

Register by email at conclave3writingworkshop@gmail.com
Registration essential for con members as places limited


10am - The Science behind Science Fiction
15 minute lecture then 45 minute open discussion on the merits, or otherwise, of introducing to the reader actual real world science, no matter how implausible it may seem, to enhance the storyline
. Implausible science just shuts me down as a reader. When I read such I become annoyed at the laziness of the writer. The discussion will introduce methods used to determine useful information and also how to futureproof it as much as logically possible.


11am - Weapons in Science Fiction
15 minute lecture on all types of weapons and weapon systems that could logically be used in a Science Fiction story. Then 45 minutes open discussion. From what would be of use in zero gravity, or inside a ship which is in a zero gravity and vacuum. Long range weaponry. Short range tactical and strategic weapons. What makes sense and what should be left to Fantasy or magic.


12.30pm - Inspiration - just where the hell can you find it?
20 minute lecture then open the discussion to everyone.