Model-making With Steve

Requirements for scratchbuild model making at Conclave3 with Steve Wheeler

Hello to you all!

This will be a cheerfully mad few hours of talking design, and making science fiction/steam punk/diesel punk themed 'one-of' models by using commonly available hard plastics most of which usually end up in the rubbish.

I will teach you a group of little 'tricks' that will enable you to make cool models of your own design.

Note : most of these items can be purchased at the 2 – 3 dollar shop, eg : cheap hard plastics are the most preferable (styrenes) – (if the plastic can be bent without fracturing it is highly likely that it is polypropylene plastic and as such is difficult to cut, sand and glue.)

Excellent to have (but not a 100% necessary):

You will definitely need :

Note : club together to buy the likes of the automotive filler, and paint cans. I will bring up extra greeblies for all to share.

Any questions drop me a text on 0272954111

See you there!


Steve W