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* Writers' Seminar
Writers’ Seminar More details...
Fri 10am in Sussex (3 hours)
* Writers' Seminar
Writers’ Seminar More details...
Fri 10am in Windsor (3 hours)
Roleplaying and Board Games
Keith will be introducing the new Starfinder role-playing game to anyone who wants try it. Board games will be available to borrow at the registration desk.
Fri 2pm in Cornwall (3 hours)
* Writers' Seminar
Writers’ Seminar More details...
Fri 2pm in Sussex (3 hours)
* Writers' Seminar
Writers’ Seminar More details...
Fri 2pm in Windsor (4 hours)
My First Con
How to get the most out of Conclave 3 – an interactive session with Maree Pavletich, especially for those attending their first science fiction and fantasy convention.
Fri 5pm in Sussex
Opening Ceremony
t’s a tradition… it will have a beginning, a middle, and thankfully, an end…. And we promise it won’t be at all boring.
Fri 7pm in Cornwall
50th Anniversary Star Trek Party!
We celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the first screening of Star Trek in New Zealand. Come and join the Federation! We have cake!
Fri 8pm in Cornwall (2 hours)
The Late Show
There shall be movies not to be named herein! Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.
Fri 10pm in Cornwall (2 hours)
Sat 10pm in Cornwall (2 hours)
Sun 10pm in Cornwall (2 hours)
Folk singing with well known tunes but new words. Happens late evenings, no organization required… we couldn’t stop them if we tried!
Fri 10pm in Dorset (2 hours)
Sat 10pm in Dorset (2 hours)
Sun 10pm in Dorset (2 hours)
Video Show: Star Trekking in the Morning
Never seen the Animated Star Trek series from 1973? Here's some of our favourite stories, all in one glorious hour! Just the place to start up your engines for the rest of the day's programme.
Sat 9am in Cornwall
* Model-making With Steve
This will be cheerfully mad few hours of talking design, and making science fiction/steampunk/dieselpunk themed 'one-of' models by using commonly available hard plastics, most of which usually end up in the rubbish More details...
Sat 9am in Windsor (2 hours)
Panel: What has Star Trek done for us?
Star Trek has has a tremendous impact on our society, our culture as fans, and even on technological development. The panel discuss some of those influences.
Sat 10am in Cornwall
Trader's Faire
A chance to buy and sell. A variety of traders will present their stuff for your purchasing pleasure. Enjoy!
Sat 10am in Sussex (3 hours)
Panel: Boldly Going - The Future of Star Trek
Where is Star Trek going? And where it should be going? The panel discuss the recent films, the new "Star Trek Discovery" TV series , and various recent fan productions.
Sat 11am in Cornwall
Photographing Your Models
How to photograph your models to best effect, choosing backgrounds and lighting.
Sat 11am in Windsor
Expect to be fairly tested on a broad range of science fiction and fantasy topics. Questions to be presented in sets of ten, one at a time on the big screen. Presented by Quizmaster Jacqui Smith and Scorer Keith Smith.
Sat 12pm in Cornwall
From Plastic to Prose - Writing about Models
Steve explains how he uses his models in his writing, and how making a physical model can be a powerful aid for a writer. Then participants can try it out for themselves.
Sat 12pm in Windsor
Book Launch: SpecFicNZ
Te Kōrero Ahi Kā, a term which means to speak of the home fires burning, is an anthology of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, showcasing work from established and emerging writers, poets, artists, and creatives. It is a statement about how New Zealand creators of speculative fiction and art shine their light on our literary landscape. At this Book Launch, we will give an overview of the project and read some excerpts. Copies will be available.
Sat 1pm in Sussex
Presentation - WETA!
Norman talks. We watch in amazement. Nobody takes pictures!
Sat 2pm in Cornwall
Workshop: Geekcraft Paper
Make planes from paper. Some might even fly
Sat 2pm in Windsor
Panel: Other Voices
Science Fiction is no longer confined to works in English from Western Countries, if it ever was. What should you look for, and can you get it in English?
Sat 3pm in Cornwall
Presentation: Fandom in the Early Days
Lyn and Keith tell stories from the old days of New Zealand fandom
Sat 3pm in Sussex
Workshop: Geekcraft Cloth
Sew a stuffed tribble. Say no more and don't tell the Klingons. Qua'pla
Sat 3pm in Windsor
GoH Speech: Daphne Lawless
GoH Speech: Daphne Lawless
Sat 4pm in Cornwall
Panel Game: Just an SF Minute
Revenge is sweet in this classic panel game, where participants are asked to speak without hesitation, repetition or deviation for a whole minute on selected SF&F topics. It'll be fun ....
Sat 4pm in Sussex
Workshop: How to Cosplay
Laura explains the art of cosplay
Sat 4pm in Windsor
Presentation: Astronomy in 2018
Keith talks about what’s happening in Astronomy - with pictures.
Sat 5pm in Cornwall
Presentation: Self-Publishing 101
Geraldine explains how to successfully publish your own work. What does a writer need to know when it comes to self-publishing? What are the benefits? And what are the pitfalls?
Sat 5pm in Sussex
Workshop: Scratch Costuming
Maree teaches how to make costumes out of just about anything.
Sat 5pm in Windsor
Masquerade & Cosplay
The highlight of Saturday evening, the not-to-be-missed parade of costume and comedy. Time to take out those costumes and wear them to the Third Conclave of the Weird and Wonderful from the Realms of the Alien and the Arcane we call the Masquerade. We want you to dress up, look cool, and be photographed.
Sat 7:30pm in Cornwall (1.5 hours)
Stella Nova Anniversary Party
The President and Crew of Stella Nova invite all current and former members of Stella Nova and the SFMC (Science Fiction Modellers Club) to join us at Conclave III as we celebrate 25 Years of Online Presence.
Sat 9pm in Cornwall
Video Show: Tribbles and Troubles
Our favourite Tribble stories and more, all in one trilling hour!
Sun 9am in Cornwall
Presentation - The Mistakes I've Made - Gareth
Gareth Ward will talk about what he learned from having his writing lovingly savaged and pruned by the experts at Walker Books, Auckland. He will explain why he thinks much SF, Fantasy, and Steampunk is overwritten, and gives examples you can apply to your own writing. Bring along some of your own work, a red pen, and a devil-may-care attitude.
Sun 9am in Sussex
Panel: Easter Eggs In SF&F
What are Easter Eggs when they’re not chocolate? Where will you find them?
Sun 10am in Cornwall
Presentation: The Art of the Tie-In
Karen and Lyn talk about writing stories in worlds created by other people.
Sun 10am in Sussex
Game: Modelanary
It’s like Pictionary – only in 3D! Can you guess what your partner is trying to communicate in playdough?
Sun 10am in Windsor
Panel: Funny Space Fools in SF&F
It’s April Fools Day… so let’s discuss the foolish, the silly and the downright funny side of SF&F!
Sun 11am in Cornwall
Presentation: Japanese Folklore & Mythology
Japanese folklore is an important influence in modern fantasy, and especially in manga and anime. Laura shares her expertise in this fascinating subject.
Sun 11am in Sussex
Filk Workshop With Daphne
There is an art to writing a good filk, and considerable skill to performing it well. Daphne shares her expertise.
Sun 11am in Windsor (2 hours)
Norman and Maree present cool stuff for you to bid on.
Sun 12pm in Cornwall
Presentation: What else but writing? - Lyn
Lyn McConchie talks about all the other stuff writers have to do to succeed at their craft.
Sun 12pm in Sussex
GoH Speech: Steve Wheeler
GoH Speech: Steve Wheeler
Sun 2pm in Cornwall
Workshop - Pathfinder
An introduction on the Pathfinder Roleplaying system, produced by Paizo, as well as the Pathfinder Society and how it works. There will be news about version 2, which will be starting formal playtest at this year's GenCon in August. Character generation will also be discussed.
Sun 2pm in Sussex
Lego Play Zone
Lego Play Zone
Sun 2pm in Windsor (2 hours)
GoH Speech: Karen Miller
GoH Speech: Karen Miller
Sun 3pm in Cornwall
Workshop - Starfinder
A presentation on Paizo's Starfinder RPG system, explaining how it works and announcing upcoming news. There might even be time to play out an encounter or two.
Sun 3pm in Sussex
Panel: Children of the Space Age
We collect a group of people (including one GoH) who have one thing in common - they are all sixty years old, all born within months of Sputnik flying into orbit. What was it like growing up with the space race? What was so cool about that time in history? And how did they all get into science fiction and fantasy?
Sun 4pm in Cornwall
Mars One With Terri
Is there a future for Humankind on Mars? Compare the methods of NASA and the other likely candidates to those of controversial and much-maligned newcomer; Mars One. The practical, ethical and legal considerations (obvious and not so obvious) will be outlined. What will the Children of Mars actually look like? The Little Green Men trope is not the most likely, but you may be surprised at some of the possibilities. Expect some serious discussion and a dose of humour!
Sun 4pm in Sussex
Lego Competition
Play with Lego, then build a spaceship, robot, ray-gun ... prizes for the best original sf construction
Sun 4pm in Windsor
Presentation: Space in 2018
Matthew talks about recent developments in spaceflight (with pictures) including disco balls and cars.
Sun 5pm in Cornwall
Presentation: Worlds from Fact
Geraldine talks about world-building, about grounding your writing in reality; and how to get from science fact to science fiction.
Sun 5pm in Sussex
Lego Judging
Lego Judging
Sun 5pm in Windsor
Banquet / Daphne Entertains
Banquet / Daphne Entertains. We've chosen the Roast Menu ($29 per person - vegetarian option available)
Sun 7:30pm in Cornwall (1.5 hours)
SFFANZ will be awarding the 2018 Sir Julius Vogel awards.
Sun 9pm in Cornwall
Video Show: Monday Morning Toons
Presenting some of our favourite SF cartoons
Mon 9am in Cornwall
Have your say in what SFFANZ are up to.
Mon 10am in Cornwall
GoH Meet-Up
Informal opportunity to chat with our GoHs, get books signed, take photographs, and so on. Karen, Steve, and Daphne will each have a table.
Mon 10am in Sussex (2 hours)
Presentation: NZ in 2020
Come along and hear Norman and Kelly update us on what's happening with the NZ in 2020 bid. You will also hear about SFFCONZ which is a new non-profit society that has been set up to support science fiction and fantasy conventions and events in New Zealand. SFFCONZ has a non-profit status, so any convention that runs as a project of SFFCONZ can share that status. SFFCONZ will also have some financial resources. There will be a short SFFCONZ AGM during the session.
Mon 11am in Cornwall
Closing Ceremony
To begin with brief presentations by the various SF&F clubs and societies. Then we hand out prizes, farewell our guests, and hand over the hat. This will be brief and to the point.
Mon 12pm in Cornwall
Dead Dog Party
A time to relax and reminisce until next year
Mon 1pm in Dorset