Security Policy

Conclave 3 is a fan-run convention, with the objective of providing a venue for fans to get together and have fun. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and have a good time, but we need to ensure that our idea of fun doesn't hurt other people, or spoil their enjoyment.

So we ask that you would please respect other people, and give them space. Remember that people have varying ideas about suitable subjects of conversation and appropriate language. People also have different needs for personal space. If somebody looks uncomfortable, there's probably a reason.

Harassment of any sort is completely unacceptable. Harassment can consist of unwanted physical contact, or of inappropriate communication, whether verbal or non-verbal. If you experience harassment we would ask you to discuss it with a member of the Concom, or a member of convention security. These people will be introduced at the opening ceremony, and will have badges to help make them identifiable. Reports will be made in strict confidence, and will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the behaviour breaches the harassment policy, we will take appropriate actions up to and including contacting the police to have people removed from the convention.

Photography and the posting of photos to social media without the express consent of the subject or subjects of the photo is also inappropriate. However, it is also understood that if you're "up the front" you can expect to be photographed (unless you specifically request otherwise - and we ask that people respect such requests and refrain from photographing those people).

Prop weapons may be carried as part of a costume, but must not be functional. Please show the prop weapon to a member of the Concom, or a member of convention security, for inspection if you are unclear about this.

We'd rather not have to replace any missing or damaged equipment, because we have a very limited budget, so we ask you to take care of things around you that belong to other people or the hotel, and please report any breakages immediately.

Be sensible.

Be excellent to each other.

Don't be a jerk! (or a smeghead)